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Landlord Holding

One of the main ways we reassure new landlords about our service is by introducing them to existing landlords.


Richard Ford

The message below is an email from one of our landlords called Richard. We had a prospective landlord with a property 5 doors down the road. So we asked permission to put Richard in contact with the new landlord, Tim. We took over full management of the property a few days later.

From: Richard Ford
To: Damiano Rea
Subject: Re: Reference!

I would be delighted to provide a reference for you. You continue to be the best agent I have ever worked with by a very long way, and you have provided us with great transparency on expenditure, regular and timely information sharing, your fee structures have been more than fair, outstandingly quick vacancy filling, stress-free tenant management, excellent management of contractors and help in meeting legal obligations, and your willingness to go the extra mile for us in providing practical help over and above our contract has been greatly appreciated.

All the best, Richard

We have included this email because it was sent back in 2009. Our desire to keep clients happy and get feedback like this isn’t a recent addition to our company’s strategy. We still manage both Richard and Tim’s properties and strive to do so for as long as they remain landlords.


Austen Hempstead

At the end of the summer last year we were approached by Fiona to see if we could help fill her vacant property. Unfortunately the property wasn’t in good condition and needed around £3,000 of improvements to bring it up to standard. It became clear that she was very nervous about giving management to us as her previous managing agent hadn’t given her a good service and she didn’t want a repeat of this. Below is the email that was sent by Austen to her. Austen and his family allow us to look after 7 properties for them.

From: Austen Hempstead
To: Fiona Mavor
Subject: Heaton Property

Hi Fiona,
Damiano of Heaton Property has asked me to contact you re the possibility of you giving the management of your property to his company.

Let me be clear first of all in saying that prior to Heaton Property managing our properties I didn’t know Damiano. Over previous years we had used various agents, none of whom came close to managing our properties properly.

How I came to be in contact with Damiano was as a tenant – my wife and I had sold our home, had not bought another and needed a place to rent for 2-3 months. (He didn’t know at the time that we were in fact the owners of a number of properties.) Such was the interest he took in trying to ensure that we (as tenants), the landlords and the properties were a good fit, that we decided to put one of our properties in to his hands that another agent had been trying to let for 6 weeks. 6 days later, he’d let it.

It has been our experience that Heaton Property, will (if you give them the authority to do so) take the responsibility away from you and all you need do is wait for your rent to arrive in your bank. In my view that is what I expect from a managing agent. Damiano will manage your property as if it were his own. More recently he went to one of our properties over the Bank Holiday weekend to help sort a problem. I would not expect nor ask that of him but the fact is, he did it and I only learned of it after the event. We have not suffered from ‘gaps’ when our properties are not let (something which can cost landlords a lot), we have had only good tenants, the staff at Heaton Property are friendly, helpful and competent and the invoices are easily understood.

Heaton Property now manage several properties for us and another for one of our daughters. Damiano is a very rare professional and has exceeded our expectations as a managing agent. I cannot sing his praises highly enough.

With other agents I had no doubt my wife and I could do the job better than they could and were therefore simply not worth paying. Heaton Property are worth every penny of the fees they charge.

If you want any further information please email or ring me, I’ll be happy to help if I can.

Austen Hempstead


No business sets out to generate complaints from customers but even in the best run business, it is probably going to happen.  So when it does, it is important to have systems in place to deal with the situation rather than trying to shoot from the hip.

Heaton Property is a member of The Property Ombudsman and our complaints procedure can be found here.

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Introducing our landlords...

One of the many ways we reassure new landlords about our service is by introducing them to existing ones...

In the 3 years we’ve used Heaton Property, we’ve discovered that not only do they take the time to understand what it is I need from them, but they then do that very rare thing – they deliver!

Austen Hempstead

You continue to be the best agent I have ever worked with by a very long way, your willingness to go the extra mile  in providing practical help over and above our contract has been appreciated.

Richard Ford

I knew you would be thorough and successful from both your tone and your sensible reaction to our first enquiry.

Stella Young

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